Source Documents:
A digital copy of Ila May Fisher Maughan“James McDonald Sarah Ferguson Their Progenitors and Their Posterity”, 1964 is now available through search/books.  Search by title or author to obtain a full digital copy.  The copy is legible, but is scanned from a bound book and is not the best.  Some pages are slightly distorted, but legible.  We have rrecently found a professional printer who has created a very clear reprint.

If you are interested in obtaining a beautiful reprint of  Ila Maughan’s book email   All copies of the second, third, & fourth printing have been sold.  These reprints are faithful reproductions of the original, containing all the information, and professionally bound just as the original printing.  The 5th printing will only be 12 books so they will be $26.00 + $3.00 shipping (still less than half the cost of the original printing).  Or you may save   shipping cost by picking up your copies in Utah.  So pre-order your copies now!  This       reprint is  offered so that the next generation may benefit from Ila Maughan’s  work.

Macdonald, Donald J. “Clan Donald”, Midlothian Scotland, 1978 (reprint by Pelican Books). The most comprehensive one volume history of Clan Donald available.  This reprint of the original is available from for less than the cost of the original and has brighter pages that make the color photographs & artwork more vibrant.

Clan Donald is the international organization of the descendants of Donald of Islay from whom the surname McDonald (and its various spellings) is derived. We have not established our ancestor’s connection to the chiefs of Clan Donald (only 17% of those with the surname do), but all those with the surname are  welcome to join the Clan Donald organization that promotes awareness of our heritage.  One advantage of joining Clan Donald is is the opportunity it provides to participate in Scots/Irish cultural events that celebrate our ancestors’ culture.

Recent Sources May be Accessed and Verified by Anyone, Anywhere Through the Internet

Links to On Line Sources: Sir Walter Scott’s account of Moses McDonald’s execution The surname McDonald pre-dates the nations of Scotland or Ireland.  This site provides a history of Clan  Donald based upon Donald J. Macdonald’s 1978 history entitled “Clan Donald”. Rootsweb excellent brief history of County Down including photos, culture, music, & politics.  The words to “Come By the Hills” are on the home page.  Our daughter Eden McDonald Benson recorded that song with the Irish band Tir N’a N’Og part of the Salt Lake Scots Pipe Band on their CD “Stangers in a Stange Land”. The  story of the Irish tune “The Star of County Down” may be of interest.  Members of the LDS faith know the tune as “If You Could Hi to Kolob“! Free maps of Ulster, Ireland, County Down, County Antrim from the time our ancestors were there. Rootsweb list of surnames in County Down The Public Record                        Of Northern Ireland (PRONI) offers an e-catalogue to determine documents within their archives William McDonald’s  recollections of when he was a 15 year old Irish immigrant.  The unique spellings are  better understood if you read them just as they are written.  You will hear yourself reading with a Scots/Irish accent!  His account of his father singing Irish comic songs and step dancing for the negro slaves each night, after working along side them all day, gives us a beautiful look at James McDonald through the eyes of his son: Muir journal entry 5 Jun 1812 Moses McDonald.  Also note the 14 November 1810 list of tragic deaths from a capsized barge in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.  Included  in the list of 84 who died are a 14 year old Maxwell Cunningham son of Robert Cunningham and a John McDonald age 23, son of the widow McDonald.  Moses  named his next (and last) son John born 1811.  Was he named after his uncle who died in an accident a few months before? Irish Townland Maps is where I obtained               maps of Balleylesson and Crawfordsburn, Ireland showing residences at the time our ancestors lived there.  Membership is required to purchase old maps.  Images of 2 maps are listed under Source Documents: Steve McDonald is a singer/composer from New Zealand who has put much our our clan lore to music.   You can hear his music and purchase CD’s from his fan club