Too many people think pedigree charts are for the dogs!  People have pedigrees also.  A pedigree chart usually does not show siblings, but charts parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.  Just like Family Group Sheets, the most important part of a Pedigree Chart are the sources for the information contained on the chart.  Simply listing LDS Temple Ordinance dates does not confirm a relationship because proof of relationship is not a requirement to do temple ordinances.  The best documents showing a parental relationship are christening and birth records, census records, and wills.  Rent records, marriage records, and burials within an area known to the family are good leads, but not conclusive by themselves.  Christening records with the names of known siblings can be an indication of parents, but not conclusive on its own.

There are several pedigrees on New Family Search that are not properly documented.

James McDonald’s Documented Pedigree

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