Moses McDonald

This Individual Summary is taken from the research of Eunice Young from 1976.  She discovered film in an LDS Family History Library of the Carnmoney parish in Belfast Ireland of a 1776 christening of a James who’s father was listed as John McDonnald.  On the next page was a 1778 christening of Moses which listed John McDonnald as his father.

If this is our Moses who was christened at Carnmoney Parish (Church of Ireland) in Belfast an actual christening bowl from that period is still preserved and pictured below.  It is amazing to picture Moses McDonald being christened in such a pewter bowl in 1778.

The Carnmoney Parrish registry of records , the right column, 7th name from the top read, “Aug 30 1778 Moses, parent John McDonnald.  In the first column, 27 lines down is an older brother “Sept 27th, 1776 James, parent John McDonnald”. The Scottish tradition was to first name a son after his paternal grandfather and then a son after his maternal grandfather and then other relatives.   Given names were repeated generation after generation.  If our ancestors continued this tradition we may be looking for a James McDonnald born about 1720, near Belfast to find the father of John McDonnald.