Below is the documentation for the marriage date of James McDonnell and Sarah Ferguson.  In the 18th century this spelling of the name was actually more common in Ireland than McDonald.  When Sarah was re baptized in Springville 8 June 1851 the LDS church record spelled her name McDonnel.  When looking for our ancestors we shouldn’t ignore alternate spellings of the surname.  We have contemporary documentation listing our ancestors name as McDonald, M’Donald, McDonnel, and possibly McDonnald, McDonnell, and Macdonald.  But neither should we jump to the conclusion, without documentation, that we are related to the Scottish clan chiefs who spelled their name Macdonald.  In Newtownards, County Down, Ireland the McDonnald spelling was interchangeable with McDonald.  This understanding combined with the appropriate time, location, and less common given name, all indicate the 1778 christening record of Moses in Belfast is likely our Moses and his father was John McDonnald.