Family Group Sheets are a form used to show an individual’s immediate family relationships. They show the individual’s spouse, children, and parents. A complete Family Group Sheet provides dates of birth, marriage, and death.  Family Group Sheets are not primary records no matter how many have been submitted (over 2 million without any primary sources are listed on  The most important entries on a Family Group Sheet are the original, primary sources from which the information was obtained.  Without documented primary sources a Family Group Sheet is only a resource to help know where to start looking for primary sources.  Acceptable primary sources for a birth record prior to the 20th century are usually church christening records which almost always took place within a year or two of birth in the Presbyterian records.  There were periods of the 1700’s that the Church of Ireland (Anglican) passed laws forbidding the recording of christenings in Presbyterian Church records.  Presbyterian ministers had to have Church of Ireland permission to perform ordinances and they were recorded in Church of Ireland Parish records.  The Church of Ireland collected tithes from Presbyterians as well as Church of Ireland members.  It is important to know a little Irish history when looking for Presbyterian church records during the 1700’s.  We have included electronic images of the original records so that you may right mouse click on the image to save it to your computer.   Our object is to allow all the posterity of James McDonald & Sarah Ferguson to view the original documents and know were to continue searching out our kindred ancestors.

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